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The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), is a test that high school students must take to enter U.S. colleges and universities. For high school students from other countries, SAT scores are an important reference for applying for admission to U.S. universities.

In addition, SAT scores are one of the criteria for obtaining scholarships, and most U.S. universities require the SAT for admission and award scholarships based on SAT scores.

The new SAT, which was reformed in 2016, has a total score of 1600 points and is divided into three parts: reading, grammar and math, with writing changed to an optional test. The ETS will be responsible for the design and marking of the test, and the results will be valid for 2 years.

SAT Prep Schedule

  • Regular updates on the SAT, explaining the latest test questions and their answering techniques

  • Unique tips for students to easily understand literature and essays

  • Courses for reading, writing and listening sections

Prospective Students

  • Preparing to enroll in an American university

  • Students with a target score of 1400 or higher

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