English as Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL), is an English language learning program offered to non-native English speakers. Students can improve their English while learning about the culture and social activities of different countries.


In Canada, ESL is the ticket to university. Students who hold the certificate can apply to North American universities.


**Those with TOEFL (90-100+) and IELTS (6.5+) scores are not required to take ESL courses.




ESL Class Introduction

  • Expand your vocabulary stock to keep up with the university curriculum

  • Improve grammar and make writing content more fluent

  • Explaining common citation formats in college to avoid improper citation

  • Improve the logic of students' writing and make it more convincing


6门课程 - 720小时

每名学生的课程可由六种课程中两个连续课程组成(每门课程120小时X2门课程=共240小时)。   学生可选择报名参加两门以上的课程。

Prospective Students

  • For junior and senior high school students who have just come to Canada from China or are in Canada for a short period of time

  • Not yet able to adapt to Canadian school life

  • Want to complete ESL courses as soon as possible and enter regular courses