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SCOW 2061

SCOW 2061 is a course that introduces students to the practice of social work through an exposition of the historical, philosophical foundations and theoretical perspectives of Social Work. The course will also explore the social structures that affect people's lives and how various sources and forms of oppression and marginalization affect the lives of people in Canadian society.

The course consists of 12 units and students are required to complete four assignments and a final project, with the four assignments accounting for 65% of the total mark and the final project accounting for 35%.

Our teaching team will highlight and explain the key points of each unit, provide detailed tutorials and outlines for each assignment.

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Course Information


  • 授课长短 Course Length: 8 weeks

  • 学分总数 Transferable Credits: 3 credits

  • 课程难度 Difficulty: No midterm/final Exams

  Equivalent Courses:

  • University of British Columbia (Vancouver) - SOWK 201 (3)

  • Simon Fraser University - GE 1XX (3)

  • Douglas College - SOWK 2100 (3)

  • Trinity Western University - SOCI 2XX (3)

  • The University of Victoria - SOCW 200A (1.5)

  • Capilano University - PSEL 2XX (3)