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MNGT 1711

Course Description.

This course is offered as an online university course and as an offline course at the VCC.


MNGT 1711 is an introduction to the principles and operations of business management, including marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, and technology, among others. There are five units in the course and students are required to complete five assignments and a final project, with the five assignments accounting for 50% of the total score and the final project accounting for 50%. During the tutorials, our teaching team will outline the key points of each unit so that students can clearly understand the direction of the assignment.

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  • 授课长短 Course Length:8 weeks

  • 学分总数 Transferable Credits:3 credits

  • 课程难度 Difficulty: No midterm/final exams

  Equivalent Courses:

  • Simon Fraser University - BUS 1XX (3)

  • University of British Columbia (Vancouver) - COMM 1st (3)

  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University - KPU BUSI 1XXX (3)

  • Douglas College - GE 1XXX (3)

  • University of Victoria - COM 1XX (1.5)