Worried about the EN12 Exam?

English Provincial Exam 

The English provincial exam is a test that every Canadian Grade 12 student faces, and the score can affect graduation and university admissions. The English12 exam focuses on comprehension, critical analyze, and requires students to communicate in a variety of ways, both orally and in writing, for communication purposes.

Class Introduction

  • Improving students' knowledge of English literature

  • The most difficult part for students to master is English literature. The tutors will teach them to understand literature and the rhetorical techniques used in it in an in-depth manner.

  • Improve grammar use and comprehension skills

  • Use different sentence structures, such as compound sentences, to express ideas and understand the meaning of the text to answer questions accurately.

Course Schedule:

G11-12 English Writing:17:00 -19:00

Prospective Students

  • Students who are preparing for the Grade 12 provincial exam

  • Students who lack test-taking skills

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